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A brief history of Brisbane Moss

Brisbane Moss

Since the middle of the 19th century, Moss Brothers had been weavers and converters of corduroy and moleskin fabric. About the turn of the century The English Velvet Cord Dyeing Company moved into the district and took over some of the local dyeing firms. Fearing the prospect of a monopoly in the dyeing trade, which could be to their disadvantage, several clothing companies got together along with the largest dyers in the district, Moss Bros.Ltd. with their extensive dye works at Bridgeroyd. Together they formed The English Fustian Manufacturing Company Ltd. on 13th February 1901.

Over the next few decades the EFMC continued to expand and eventually became a vertical operation incorporating Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Clothing Manufacture and also Retail outlets. In the early 1980's due to changes in the demand for Corduroy Moleskin and Fustians and along with the competition from other countries the English Fustian Co were forced into administration with many of the divisions closing down. It was at this time that M Chapmans & Sons who also specialized in Pile Fabrics became associated with Brisbane Moss and Moss Brothers Dyers, and became the current owners in 1983.

Brisbane Moss awarded the Queens Award for IndustryThe relationship has proved to be very successful and culminated in winning the Queens Award for Export in 2004 which was presented to our Managing Director Mr Ian Darrah by Prince Andrew in an ceremony at our premises in Todmorden and a further presentation with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in Buckingham Palace. This award shows the importance of quality and traditional fabrics around the world and the enviable reputation that Brisbane Moss has built up over the years.

There have been many changes that have occurred throughout the Textile Industry over recent years and indeed Brisbane Moss has undergone a number of these, but, we will continue to offer our base of Traditional Qualities from stock along with new and exciting fabrics in years to come.