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Looking for fabric?

Brisbane Moss stocks over 500,000 metres of various fabric in their warehouse. All these items can be viewed on this website.

The best of British fabric makers have worked in the Yorkshire hills for Brisbane Moss, manufacturers of top class cloth. In an area which was the birthplace of fine fabrics, four generations of artisans, often from the same families, have helped keep Brisbane Moss at the very peak of the quality fabric business.

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Brisbane Moss today - almost 140 years later - continue to offer unparalleled excellence in the manufacture of corduroy and moleskin.

The quality of our weaving, dyeing and finishing creates fabrics so fine that they are selected by the world's leading garment makers.

From start to finish

Using the latest technological advances and the best quality yarns, Brisbane Moss produces over one million metres of cloth per year .... cloth which can be as soft as cashmere or tough enough to protect steelworkers. Because we use our own dyers, any colour the customer desires can be gently and vividly created.

With a skilled and loyal workforce, a strong commitment to the environment and fabrics which are among the best in the world, Brisbane Moss is privileged to be part of the fabric of the nation.

If you are looking for materials other than the wide range of Corduroy's and Moleskins we have to offer why not try our sister company?The Chapman Group who stock a huge range of cottons and performance fabrics as well as great value Corduroy and Moleskin fabrics.